Beauty is an active, outward expression ofeverything you like about yourself.

Dame Anita Roddick
We believe in the deep connection between mind, body and soul; and that changemaking starts within.

We work painstakingly to create hardworking products that are not only good for your body, delivering real benefits for beautiful skin, heroic hair and fabulous faces; but that also help you to feel love for yourself – real self-love - in a truly holistic way.
To make sure that all our new products deliver what you need (whether that’s help for dry skin, flaky scalps, blemished skin, or tone-specific makeup) and what we claim (nourishing, hydrating, moisturising or more resilient skin), we have a bundle of performance, safety and ethics criteria:

- At The Body Shop, we prioritise the use of natural ingredients, natural origin ingredients and those that are biodegradable, rooted in biotechnology and green chemistry, all from ethical and sustainable sources.

- We select the most powerful of nature’s change agents, the most potent bio-actives from plants.

- We concentrate bio-actives to deliver superior performance.

- We conduct clinicals with dermatologists, large consumer tests or advanced in vitro measures, to ensure that all our products deliver real skin benefits.

- 100% of the benefits we claim are scientifically supported.

- We continuously collaborate with Research and Development labs to get the best from our experts in different scientific fields across the group. Joining our expertise for more powerful results for you just seems the smart thing to do.

- We don’t compromise on performance, efficacy or ethics. So, you don’t have to either. You get it all.

Not only that, but we also stay at the cutting edge of science, to push ourselves, for you, to reach new safety standards.

This means we have 1,835 banned or restricted ingredients. The majority of these are regulated by law but we feel we need to go further.
**And we will never formulate with these 11 questionable ingredients:**
Parabens, Mineral oils, Petrolatum derivatives, Formaldehyde donors, Cyclosiloxanes, Triclosan, Phthalates, Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), Cocamide DEA, MEA & MIPA, Methylisothiazolinone and genetically modified organisms.
inaccordance with the most stringentregulations - the EU Cosmetic ProductsRegulation - you can be confident that weare continuously monitoring scientific andregulatory updates on ingredients. This is toensure that our products demonstrate nocarcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxiceffects.
We passionately strive to improve andupdate our knowledge and understanding iningredient and product safety, as scienceprogresses.

So, our list of restricted ingredients grows asinformation evolves, and as safer alternativesare discovered or produced.

We never stop pushing forward and creatingan environment for positive changemaking.

We are always, always guided and motivatedby science and not flimsy marketingarguments, polemics or diatribes.
All our formulae are reviewed by toxicology experts.

All our formulae are tested for safety by a dermatologist or an ophthalmologist.

**We have 10 points of control on ingredients and 18 for finished products, all together designed to guarantee consistently high standards of safety and performance.**


We will never, ever promote unattainable andtoxic ideals of beauty, peddled by the beautyindustry and some corners of social media andbeauty culture. This means:

• We create products that really work. For you.

• We never retouch of manipulate bodies in theimages that we create. Or promote impossiblenotions of perfection. Bodies are beautiful justthe way they are.

• We encourage the concept of beauty as aholistic connection between mind, body andsoul.

• We never overpromise on potency, power,potential or possibilities, by faking, fudging orfalsifying.

• And we create effective, hardworking productsand routines that also promote self-love.

Diversity & inclusivity matter

We believe that what we do is more importantthan what we say.

Anyone can talk the talk.

When it comes to inclusivity, it’s no different.

It’s why we create genderless products foreveryone.

It’s why we now test our products with panelsof 100+ people, of different ethnicities andgenders.

And it’s why our casting is diverse acrossgenders, ethnicities, sexualities, body shapesand sizes. Because we know that society isbeautifully, wonderfully and thrillingly varied.

So, why not open the door wide and celebrateit?


One thing is set in stone, everything we are doing is geared towards helping to make our world a bit fairer and a bit more beautiful, each and every day.

And creating real change. For you. For us all.

So, every ingredient we use and every new product we create is there because it works hard for your body, without compromising on safety and ethics.

And we will never lose sight of that.

At any cost.